Welcome to DADA PENG’s website, my baby, my sweetheart, mein schatz. Here you can find information about his readings and concerts, the next LIVE dates, information about his pictures and exhibitions and of course you can click through his work. In 2018, Dada Peng will be performing a whole new programm called „Superheroes fly ahead“ together with the fabulous Sarah Matberg & Martin Bassmati. It deals with his hospice work, his experiences with death and he promises the show to be a big celebration of life and love!  So there is much new coming up!

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In 2015 DADA PENG had his first own exhibition „komm, teile, flieg mit mir in die nacht und brenne“ in the gallery G18 in his hometown Dortmund. 2017 will be the first exhibition in Cologne. HERE you can take a look at some of his works.


DADA PENG – Supporter of the Hospice Movement

With his „book of life and death“ DADA PENG tries to evolve a new image of death. To „pull him out of the dirt“ to put him in the middle of our society. Through very personal experiences and through his own honorary work in the Hospice of Schwerte, DADA PENG was able to experience how a dying process can also be a miracle and a new beginning, an arriving and an asshole. All belongs together and all together is life. He sings and talks about it in his concert readings „from living and dying“. In 2014, DADA PENG was honored for his commitment and for his book „vom leben und sterben“ by the German Hospice and Palliative Association with the Honorary Award for the media sector.


Dada Peng has a very moving life. No matter what happens to him, whether it is a beautiful or a shattering event, he draws his conclusions from it, changes, takes a new direction again. (…) He is evolution for me. Anja Backhaus, TV Presenter and Pop Culture Expert
With his „Book of Living and Dying“ and the accompanying CD, he is tirelessly on reading and concert tours for the hospice: in hospitals, churches, libraries and bookshops, in inpatient hospices and outpatient hospice services, but also in schools, where he reaches the very young people. He is a good guy, to say it in the language of the younger generation, he is authentic and a convincing role model for younger people.Erich Lange, Deputy Chairman of the DHPV

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