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about Dada Peng

Who the fuck is DADA PENG?

The human being consists of 60% water. DADA PENG does too. Well maybe of 56% water and of 4% Darjeeling and Whiskey. Then a few percentages of hope, idealism and DADA PENG’s eternal credo: flexibility. Look at what life offers and make the best of what lies before you. And so DADA PENG began his professional career as a tv presenter and author in a children’s television show and is now known as a singer / songwriter and book author primarily for his exploration of existential themes. DADA PENG sees himself as a world citizen and has traveled to more than 40 countries. Others will follow. He lives in Cologne and runs the media & event agency FUNKY FRIDA! www.funkyfrida.net


Working Fields

  • Books

    As a book author, DADA PENG has published two books in the ``Gütersloher Verlagshaus`` and the Random House Publishing Group : 2013 ``my book of living and dying`` and 2015 ``fuck destiny``.

  • Host and Speeker

    DADA PENG has moderated under its official name ``Mirko Klos`` over 200 TV shows and countless LIVE events. As DADA PENG, he regularly performs as a guest speaker on topics such as ``hospice work`` and ``death and dying``.

  • ConcertReadings

    Together with his guitarist, he regularly tours throughout Germany with his concert readings. With his concert reading ``vom leben und sterben`` he has already played over 120 events.

  • Songwriter

    DADA PENG is also active for other artists as songwriter. In 2016 he wrote, among others, the official Cologne Pride song ``GoPink`` for the dance project ``Coopération Fantastique feat. Jona Davis``.

Honorary Prize of the German Hospice and Palliative Association in Media 2014

DADA PENG is proud to be honored in 2014 for his commitment to the hospice movement and for his book “of living and dying” with the honorary award of DHPVs.

Extract from the Laudatio:

“With his” book of living and dying “and the accompanying CD, he is tirelessly on a reading and concert tour for the hospice: in hospitals, churches, libraries and bookshops, in stationary hospices and in outpatient hospice services, in receptors and senior citizens But also in schools, where he reaches the very young people, to be a good guy in the language of the younger, he is authentic and a convincing role model for younger people. ” Erich Lange, Deputy Chairman of the DHPV


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