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Concert Readings

DADA PENG sings and reads texts and songs from his books on his concert readings and tells stories in which many listeners recognize themselves. At times hillarious and then again touching and sad. “Life is not a pony farm and everything is part of it,” says DADA PENG. Everything is one and on every LIVE evening, DADA PENG is looking forward to be sharing at least one wonderful moment with his audience. Preferably also several!

Church / bookshop / theater

The concert readings of DADA PENG can take place in a variety of locations. He often sings and reads in churches and bookstalls, but also in theaters, on ships and in rooms with neon lighting. Every evening is different.

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SchoolLectures “from living and dying”

To tell young people about the work of the hospice movement and to present the topic of dying positively in his readings, is a great concern for Dada Peng. He tells the students, “When I am to die once and I’m in a hospice, I need one of you to mix a really good whiskey cola for me. I do not want to play bingo in my last days and get soup served out of a Schnabeltasse.I need cool people who look after me and that’s you! ” Whether in the classroom or with several classes in the auditorium, DADA PENG will include the young people during the reading and will also answer questions.

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Panel Discussion

DADA PENG is a welcomed guest at panel discussions on the subject of hospice work and palliative medicine. He tells of his own accompaniments, of his work as an honorary worker in the Hospice Schwerte, and of the experiences throughout the last years, in which he was already guest with his book in over 30 different hospice associations. He wants to help to get the topic death out of the corner of society and put it in the middle of life.

“We need to talk about death, dying, and our own finitude, only then we can lose the fear of it and begin to shape it.We need a new burial culture, new forms of old-age care and a strengthening of hospice work and palliative medicine. Only then we can live and die in the future, consciously and fearlessly. ” DADA PENG


On the subject of “hospice work” and “palliative medicine” from the point of view of a concerned person and former honorary officer, DADA PENG revises in a 45-minute lecture. DADA PENG would also like to comment on other specific topics and questions from this area.

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